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IGEgaG90IGlzc3VlIGluIG5vcnRoZXJuIE9oaW8uPC9wPjxwPlRoZSBQb3J0YWdlIENvdW50eSBj True Religion Jeans UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict chairwoman Mary McGowan Davis responded positively to an invitation from Yesh Atid MK Haim Jelin to visit southern Israel and meet with its residents.Jelin released the letter on Thursday, , saying that, s] a year after the Protective Edge war and our deterrence has expired. Hamas is committing war crimes, terrorist organizations are shooting at civilian towns and IDF has to defend the state s citizens. The Yesh Atid MK called on the government to make sure the army works at full force, while engaging in diplomacy and standing strong before the world to explain that Israel has the right to defend itself.Last month, Jelin wrote to McGowan Davis following rocket fire from Gaza: Last night, for the sixth time since the end of Operation Protective Edge, citizens of Israel, innocent men, women and children, experienced another night of sirens.... were firing at innocent citizens who have done nothing to them. Jelin criticized McGowan Davis for not calling those who shoot rockets at Israel terrorist organizations in her report on the 2014 operation and the UN for not acting to support the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip. The committee expressed concern about Israel s use of force during the operation, but has no such concern about a terrorist organization routinely shooting at innocent civilians in Israel, he stated.The Yesh Atid MK and former head of the Eshkol Regional Council, near the Gaza Strip, recounted his experience, giving testimony before the UN commission in Geneva last year. I was asked by you and others questions which could only have stemmed from total unfamiliarity or a grave misunderstanding of the situation, he wrote. How could the rocket which exploded in Israel tonight, near a city, be anything other than a war crime? Would you define it as fire at military targets? Do you still stand behind the de facto comparison between a sovereign democratic state and a terrorist organization? According to Jelin, the next commission of inquiry must begin directly, as terrorist organizations in Gaza are firing at Israelis and forcing the IDF to act to protect civilians.Jelin invited McGowan Davis to the South to meet with residents who educate their children to protect the innocent, people who seek a horizon of hope and peace. McGowan Davis responded that if she has the opportunity, she would be honored to meet with Israelis and Palestinians, though she would have preferred to be able to do so before preparing the report. I would welcome the opportunity to exchange our respective perspectives on the Commission s mission and the report that we produced, she wrote, not addressing any of Jelin s specific comments.McGowan Davis thanked Jelin for making the trip to Geneva to testify to the committee and congratulated him on his election to the Knesset. o Michael Kors Handbags
Middlesbrough DMC Lordstones Two Day trial, Carlton Bank. 鈥?Intermediates: 1 Tom Wood (Gas Gas) 10, 2 Mark Doughty (Sherco) 28. C/man A: 1 Phil Manton (Gas Gas) 18, 2 James Thompson (Beta) 18, 3 Leigh Smith (Sherco) 20. C/man B: 1 Mark Hardy (Beta) 6, 2 Garry Bloodworth (Beta) 7, 3 Peter McIntyre (Honda) 10, Mark Jewell (Beta) 12. Ray Ban Outlet repairs.
Garner and McDowell crowded the pieces onto carefully balanced stone slabs. Coach Outlet He understands zone coverages . . . he can play man, he can get up there and press, he can play up, Packer cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt Jr. said. The thing that impressed me the most is he understood concepts. k Coach Outlet Online
Favourite animal and why? Dogs. They are so loyal and just want to please. The plant is known to inhabit more than 250 lakes in Michigan.
c | Hollister Store A young mother of five, already struggling to get by on Centrelink, tried taking Symantha in, to keep her off the streets. She bought me clothes, I had nothing, I slept on her couch, she says. But this wasn't sustainable, the resources weren't there, so once more she headed to South Gippsland to be with her grandmother, who was on the way to burying her husband. P90x
It was the second time they have dropped points this season against Radcliffe this season. Meanwhile, it鈥檚 a busy time locally, starting tonight with Bob Fox at Darlington鈥檚 Copper Beech and Eddie Walker and Frank Porter at Hexham鈥檚 Queen鈥檚 Hall. Tomorrow, Reeth Memorial Hall has some Americana with Hillfolk Noir, and acclaimed songwriter Fabian Holland is at The Spectrum in Willington. On Saturday Jim Bainbridge is at Washington鈥檚 Davy Lamp and The White Hart in Mickleby has some Bradford blues from the great Roger Sutcliffe. Fabian Holland is at The Empty Shop in Durham on Sunday and on Monday choose between Benny Graham and Chuck Fleming at Stockton鈥檚 Sun Inn, and Hambones at The Iron Horse in . Tuesday sees Pipe Dream at the Candlelight in Newton Aycliffe, and Jim Bainbridge at Darlington鈥檚 Britannia, and then on Wednesday, Tom McConville and David Newey are at Bishop Auckland Town Hall, with Keith Morrison in support.
Cuban diplomats serving in the United States complained of similar harassment at the hands of American minders. Oakley Outlet 1. Le Monde, 9 janvier 1973 s Michael Kors Outlet Online
Mr Horbury said: 鈥淚 have heard of one been seen around the town, but this morning I was able to take a few pictures when the streets were still deserted. Ray Ban Glasses I personally think that the best way to protect bulbs in pots is to cut out a piece of chicken wire to fit snugly around the top of the pot, just below the compost and out of view.
Pool A The thornier issues of scrapping early retirement and hiking taxation on farmers - opposed by both government and opposition lawmakers alike - are not among the reforms Greece has to approve this week and will be addressed later, government officials said.
Start compiling your list by identifying what you like and dislike about your current home. Another thing to consider is how you will live in the house today and in the future as your children grow and you age. Oakley Sunglasses It was a very good pub meal. What it lacked in terms of refinement or delicacy, it made up for in terms of taste and inventiveness. With friendly service, it was to be heartily recommended.
An inmate was able to slip past authorities at the Milwaukee County Jail last week with a bag containing felony-levels of crack cocaine and heroin. Theorder also prevented the naming of former prime ministerBadawiand several top politicians fromIndonesiaand Vietnam, wherebribeswere alsoallegedly paid by RBA firms to win contracts.
u Kinnear, 66, had a relatively successful managerial career before he was forced to quit following a heart attack in February 2009. Starting off as a manager in India he ended up on Tyneside via Nepal, Doncaster, Wimbledon and Nottingham. Ray Ban Glasses Some Star Wars fans took to social media to call out Lucasfilm and parent company Disney for what they considered a "tasteless" and "lame" photo shoot. In response, Lucasfilm has been issuing the following statement via its Star Wars Twitter account over and over again.
is a fine art photographer, writer, activist and educator. He is an Art City contributor who also blogs at and . Coach Handbags Wheelchair access: Yes, entry and restrooms e
鈥淲e didn鈥檛 score by half-time and I was thinking that you鈥檝e got to score when you鈥檙e on top, they鈥檙e going to have a period in the game. Louboutin Nutrients Supplements help fill nutritional gaps, especially as the aging body requires greater amounts of certain vitamins and minerals. Johnson points out the importance of omega-3s for aging well.
v 2. St. Pius (Festus) Ray Ban Glasses Much higher figures have been quoted for the anti-balaka by its own leaders, such as Joachim Kokate (also a former government adviser on DDR), who claimed last December that they numbered 20,000 in and around Bangui and 50,000 elsewhere. Sources within the UN mission in CAR, MINUSCA, dismissed these figures as way off the charts and suggested a total of 3,000 to 4,000. o
Mark Styles, prosecuting, told the court: 鈥淭he assistant said at that point it didn鈥檛 seem to register what was going on, but she looked down and could see him resting his hand on one side, revealing what appeared to be the blade of a silver knife.鈥?Cheap Jordans She says it hasn't made her more careful about what she says on TV. Cheap Jordan Shoes
Office of the Press Secretary Even on the Gold Coast on Saturday night there was huge interest in the friendly between Manchester City and its Australian offshoot, Melbourne City. p Rolex Watches
COATED & STINKING to HIGH - HEAVEN, 18, VERY-TALL & 'HIGHLY Oakley Outlet When asked directly what themoney was for, he calmly answered that it was payment fora heater that he allegedly promised thebusinessman, regional investigator Denis Kunev told thenewspaper.
MTc7cyBvdmVyLiBUaGUgWmlwcyBwcm92ZWQgdGhhdCBmYW1vdXMgbWFudHJhIGNvcnJlY3Qgd2l0 Ray Ban Glasses Jay's $200 quadcopter is custom-made and radio-controlled, withfour tiny motors that are independently controlled by a central computer. c Coach Outlet
Autumn is a good time to check to see how your soil is doing. Prepare to do a big mulch and buy in some organic material. Fitflops 5. If your shower produces little more than a dribble, an electric shower pump should make it more of a deluge, but pumps aren't compatible with all boilers or the answer for all homes - a power shower is sometimes better. In some older properties, it may be necessary to replace the pipework, especially the pipe bringing in water from the main in the street, to improve the water flow rate. A better boiler and/or hot-water cylinder may also be the answer - ask a good heating engineer for advice.

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